Our Philosophy

We are convinced that the level of client satisfaction is largely determined by the workload of the individual agent assigned to a particular property and the proper staffing of the back office. Due to the strong client base that we have, we are able to maintain a low ratio of buildings-per-agent. We also recognize the importance of the relationship between the Manager and the Board. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships. Our references attest to our client’s satisfaction.

Our Financial Reports play a key role as well. We are strong believers in keeping owners informed by way of memos and E-Mail. This is the only way to ensure that the unit owners are kept apprised of important information affecting their building and investment. Detailed monthly Financial Statements are delivered to the Board of Managers within several days after the end of each month.

Besides providing historical information each month, it is our recommendations, suggestions, and solutions to problems which are also brought to the attention of the Board that we feel is very important.

Our Managers provide reports to the Board accounting all activities since the last report, recommend various ways to rectify specific issues, and provide long-term planning help.