The monthly Financial Management Report Package we offer is easy to read and follow on a month-to-month basis. The statement itemizes the building’s income and expenses for the specific month and year-to-date in comparison to the budgeted figures. The monthly package, which is provided to all Board members, includes statements of:

  • Receipts and Disbursements
  • Journal Entries
  • Unpaid Invoices
  • Common Charge Collection Status
  • Residents Arrears Report

Designated treasurers and financial officers also receive:

  • Bank Reconciliation(s)
  • Copies of operating and reserve account statements.
  • Copies of all paid bills.

Blue Woods has developed a great reputation thanks to our financial reporting package, which you can verify by speaking with building accountants and Board members. Our organized and efficient bookkeeping methods make it easy for a building’s CPA to review our back office operations and provide our mutual clients with thorough year-end statements.

We regularly bill for common charges, maintenance, rents and other assessments due and follow up with collection. We assist Board in creating effective policies to ensure that all fees are paid in full and timely. Our staff follows-up with all of the appropriate parties in order to obtain payment as quickly as possible. Our lock-box system ensures monthly payments are deposited directly into your building’s account. Funds are never comingled.
Blue Woods also provides an ACH Debit system, which allows monthly maintenance/common charges and other dues to be directly withdrawn from residents’ bank accounts with their authorization. This system is ideal for residents who want to make sure their payments arrive in a timely fashion

Our back office maintains organized and current records of all bank accounts, payroll activity, paid bills, property taxes, and other account information pertaining to the property.

Finally, Blue Woods processes and distributes the 1098s to shareholders and prepares Misc-1099s for all required vendors.

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Accounts Receivable/Payroll Administration
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Accounts Payables
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